The industry expert in providing drone detection and countermeasures for the public safety sector.
Security forces around the world are facing a new type of threat: radio-controlled Drones, easily flying or hovering over stadiums, prisons and places of great concentration of people without permission.
To combat this new type of threat, we present the "DomeShield"®: a complete airspace monitoring and controlling solution which is able to identify and block drones automatically from long distances.
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Drone Defense
Are You Endangered By Drones?

Every month 360,000 drones are sold globally. The legal restrictions are lagging behind the technological development.

Commercial drones can easily be transformed into powerful weapons.

Drones are constantly getting cheaper and accessible by everybody.

Drones are now incorporating high-performance airborne technology.

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Defenders of the 2016 Olympic Games
Up against 8 different local and international competitors the Drone Defense Systems® team was
chosen by the Brazilian ARMY to protect the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!*
During the event our drone countermeasure system stopped all 120+ drone penetration
attempts to protected areas, resulting in a 100% success rate!
Let Drone Defense Systems LLC® protect your next event or venue from drone attacks!
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Happening Now
Anti-drone squads will now police prisons in the U.K.
The UK government announced the launch of a new drone squad to protect prisons against drone intrusions. The drone squad will try to detect approaching drones and traces them back to their operators.
Photos show 'weaponized commercial drones' in Iraq
Photos taken in Mosul, Iraq, show grenade-dropping drones used against the Iraqi security forces. The images taken by a former US Army special forces officer show improvised weapons consisting of a plastic tube attached to a consumer camera drone to carry explosives.
African airline reports drone collision with Boeing 737-700
Linhas Aereas de Mozambique reported that one of its Boeing 737-700 planes collided with a drone while approaching the airport in Tete, Mozambique. There were 86 people aboard when the incident happened. Fortunately, the pilots could land the plane safely without any injuries.