Drone Defense Systems


Detection can be achieved by a single or combination of our technologies. Video, audio and radar are integrated into an automated system that reliably detects and classifies incoming drones. Once our detection system has accurately identified the threat, our countermeasure system is automatically deployed, eliminating threats from single or multiple simultaneous sources.



Video detection

High resolution surveillance cameras are installed along the perimeter of the area. These cameras then use an image-processing algorithm to identify threats. Additionally, the cameras capture and store the video feed captured for future investigation post deterrence. Optical detection has an effective range of up to 700m.



Audio detection

Acoustic sensors detect sound signatures of incoming drones via high-precision microphones. The signal is processed, ambient noise is filtered and the drone's audio signature is then compared with sound profiles in our database.




Our radar technology allows detection and tracking of aerial as well as ground targets with a low radar cross section at distances of several miles, even in urban and low visibility environments.




Our RF-Sensors can detect, identify and classify drones at long distances by the interception of the signals exchanged between the drone and its operator. The receiver is processing and comparing these received RF signals with “known” signals stored in a database, looking for a signature equivalent to the signal generated by the drone and / or its operator.