Drone Defense Systems


The DroneBlocker®


Why only detect drones if you can't stop them?


The DroneBlocker® creates a no-fly Dome-Shield that ensures full protection against drone penetration attempts. Drones are unable to enter the airspace above the protected site.


Using state-of-the art technology derived from the military sector, operation with minimal disruption to the civil environment outside the area of interest is ensured.


Drone Defense Systems® offers flexible solutions with a variety of configurations, to be selected in accordance with each location’s requirements.


In order to cover large perimeters, an infinite number of systems can be connected to protect any area regardless of its size. The DroneBlocker® units in such a configuration can be activated in specific quadrants or all at the same time, providing full protection against one or 1,000 drones simultaneously.


The DroneBlocker® features an interface (HMI), which allows the user to configure  each channel independently and change parameters such as frequency, scan rates, modulations and output power. The system can be programmed to exclude any required frequencies used for local communication.


Features of the DroneBlocker® :

Automation: The DroneBlocker® has two operating modes: “stand alone” or “integrated”. In the “stand-alone” mode the Countermeasures are controlled manually, being activated/deactivated by the user at any time. In the “integrated” mode, the DroneBlocker® automatically creates the Dome-Shield when a drone is detected by the detection system.

Modularity: The DroneBlocker® features a modular and compact architecture, low power consumption and flexible interfaces, allowing its use in a variety of terrestrial applications (fixed and/or transportable), air and sea. The system is adjustable and upgradeable, offering the capability of integrating various types of sensors and antennas.

Compatibility: The DroneBlocker® can be integrated and operate with any software solution, providing a wide range of flexibility and capabilities for each unique application. Our centralized software architecture is ready for the integration of an almost unlimited amount of sensors in one system.

Ready for the future: The DroneBlocker®’s modular design enables an integration with any type of drone detection sensor existing today or available in the future.