The industry expert in providing drone detection and countermeasures for the public safety sector.
Security forces around the world are facing a new type of threat: radio-controlled Drones, easily flying or hovering over stadiums, prisons and places of great concentration of people without permission.
To combat this new type of threat, we present the DroneBlocker®: a complete aerospace monitoring and controlling solution which is able to identify and block drones automatically from long distances.
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Drone Defense
Are You Endangered By Drones?

Every month 360,000 drones are sold globally. The legal restrictions are lagging behind the technological development.

Commercial drones can easily be transformed into powerful weapons.

Drones are constantly getting cheaper and accessible by everybody.

Drones are now incorporating high-performance airborne technology.

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Defenders of the 2016 Olympic Games
Up against 8 different local and international competitors the Drone Defense Systems® team was
chosen by the Brazilian ARMY to protect the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!*
During the event our drone countermeasure system stopped all 120+ drone penetration
attempts to protected areas, resulting in a 100% success rate!
Let Drone Defense Systems LLC® protect your next event or venue from drone attacks!
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Happening Now
Pentagon worried about drone threats
The Pentagon is worried about the misuse of commercially available drones by organizations like Hezbollah, and Islamic State to attack the US and allies. Military officials express the urgency of bringing drone countermeasure solutions to the battlefield overseas to counteract the emerging threat.
North Korea May Be Developing a Dirty Bomb Drone
Experts claim that North Korea is developing a drone capable of spreading lethal amounts of radioactivity over a wide area, sickening people and making areas unlivable. If true, this drone is the latest threat in a series of nuclear or radiological weapons being developed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's regime.
Two near-crashes between airplanes and drones
Two near-misses between airplanes and drones renew the fear of drones causing a major air accident. A drone entered the airspace above Manchester's airport and came within six metres of a Boeing 767 preparing to land. Another drone passed close to an Airbus A320 above London.